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    Squad List Empty Squad List

    Post by NightCrawler on Sat 23 Jan - 3:05:17

    The teams which are made are on PROBATION!!! If your name is NOT listed ==> Plz contact Lars or NightCrawler.. Tags can be changed ==> contact NightCrawler..

    If you checked your name than u can contact your squadleader.. For squadleader ==> contact your members and try to make it the best squad in COB..

    What you guys can do:
    - Try to host/come to trainings for your squad..
    - Try to get an server for your squad..
    - Try to prepare your team for 3on3 combat vs other squad or clans (soon we will begin competition: Squad vs Squad)
    - Try to make it fun
    - Make a flag for your team
    - Ask Lars to make Own "forum" on COB forum
    - Set a goal for your team which ALL agree with

    What i dont wanna see:
    - Disrespect
    - Kicking members

    What i wanna see:
    - Have nice time
    - Improve skills
    - Improve clan

    ALPHA SQUAD ==> {CoB} (can be changed)

    SquadLeader = Wolfy (xfire = redwolf18)
    SquadLeader = Steelowj (xfire = steelowj)

    Assistent SquadLeader = Smile (xfire = snitz10)

    Member = Rapxim
    Member = Mp3 (xfire = brasslamp93)
    Member = Jammin

    BRAVO SQUAD ==> >c0b< (can be changed)

    SquadLeader = NightCrawler (xfire = nightcrawler146)

    Assistent SquadLeader = Kjucpy (xfire = kjucpy)

    Member = N1k
    Member = Zoubek (xfire = zoubek)
    Member = THOMIQ
    Member = Madrid (xfire = pr0play3re)

    CHARLIE SQUAD ==> «|COB|» (can be changed)

    SquadLeader = Lars (xfire = larsykaa)
    SquadLeader = Larry (xfire = michaelchaos)

    Assistent SquadLeader = Arcy (xfire = bbskull)

    Member = Buck (xfire = swatdr9mm)
    Member = Commander
    Member =

    DELTA SQUAD ==> CoB|» (can be changed)

    SquadLeader = Kunzi (xfire = kunzicool)

    Assistent SquadLeader = BlackDevil (xfire = 16huntercro)
    Assistent SquadLeader = Reptile (xfire = leiffi123)

    Member = Al3n
    Member = Enigma (xfire = ussr2night)
    Member =

    Z-SQUAD ==> «CoB»

    Member = Neji (xfire = nejipower)
    Member = Jdot (xfire = jdot09)
    Member = SubZero (xfire = dxxxsubzeroxxxb)
    Member = Rambino (xfire = ramboi)
    Member = OPP500 (xfire = opp500)
    Member = Ub1 (xfire = 21172)
    Member = Kimbo_Slice (xfire = rrules)
    Member = Hypno (xfire = bobaap)
    Member = Justice (xfire = ilovefw) (afk till June 2010)
    Member = BlackEye (xfire = marcelito3)
    Member = BeNy (xfire = beny13)
    Member = Master (xfire = aimb00t)

    The empty member spots in your team is for recruiting new members for your squad which you want.. A new member need to post in JOINING COB and saying in POST that he want to be in (for example) ALPHA SQUAD.. If he don't post, than NIGHTCRAWLER decide in which team he will be put.. Also new recruits need to be APROVED before joining Squad..

    AFK members can be kicked of Squad.. Only if whole squad vote YES in conversation with NightCrawler.. This member will be put in Z-Squad..
    Members from Z-Squad CAN be recruited by a Squad.. If you want a Z-Squad member ==> Talk to NightCrawler and then there will be conversation between member, Squadleaders and NightCrawler.. For more questions ask NightCrawler..

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