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«CoB» Clan

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    «cOb» CLAN RULES


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    «cOb» CLAN RULES Empty «cOb» CLAN RULES

    Post by Lars on Mon 18 May - 22:21:59

    1.Respect all at all times.

    2.Respect the diversity and nationality of all members.

    3.Only +16 age group members are allowed in CoB from now on .All accepted clan members, are on an automatic 20 day probation period.

    4.Site/Forum participation is mandatory.

    5.Administer is gained by participation, as well as being helpful to members and prospective members.

    6.Adminship can be revoked at any time, by leaders.

    7.We here at CoB take admin abuse very seriously, and any abuse of it by any admin can lead to the person being kick off the clan.

    8.All members are required to wear the appropriate tags at all times. The appearance of the tags are to be put on as followed, «cOb»Name.

    9.Any member of CoB must inform one of the Admins of any change to their online name. This helps us cut down on members giving the clan a bad name.

    11.Members must respect the gaming community as a whole. This includes everyone, other clans, prospective clan members etc.

    12.Most of all, CoB is here to ensure that all of it's members enjoy their stay in teh clan so help us in making CoB a better place.

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